Flower Power


In the Mushroom Kingdom grows powerful fire flowers harboring great energy that can power a kingdom or burn it to the ground. Attracted to their potential Bowser attempts to steal the flowers to add to his own fire, but fails to understand how to activate it. Bowser then kidnaps Princess Peach and all of the fire flowers in order to learn it’s secrets. On the way to Bowser’s castle Princess Peach drops a trail of flowers for Mario to find her, knowing he would use it to save her and her kingdom.


Did I get distracted? Why yes. YES I DID.

No, I didn’t JUST get distracted. I got distracted from my original distraction(s?).

I don’t remember anymore…

ANYWAYS. While I’ve been drawing comics, I’ve been looking at my drawing style and I decided that I want to improve (because I haven’t paid much attention to it in years).

So where do I go to learn everything? And I mean everything from playing the ukulele to what a hedgehog’s birthday party should look like (and it’s adorable).  And the answer is Youtube! Yeah, so I’ve been watching speed painting tutorials and learning more photoshop shortcuts. It’s definitely helping, I mean if you look at my first comic and the most recent one, I definitely see an improvement.

Now, if I can stop getting distracted…OH! Maybe there’s a youtube video for that…

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