Knitting Break


My hair has been outta control since I cut it short. So my only solution is to be lazy to wear a hat. So i knitted one over the weekend. Super time consumimg but I got it done. I wish there was a way my posts could go to instagram and vice versa. That way I wouldn’t need to leave instagram…I sound like an addict. :/

Anyways, trying to still be consistent. I know it’s about 20 minutes till Tuesday. But it’s still Monday so I’m going to count this one.

Oh! I saw Michael Jr. on Sunday. He’s a great comedian. I first saw him on Thou Shall Laugh on a VHS. Here are three blurry pictures I took of him.




These pictures are sad, I know. I took them with my phone. Still, he was funny nevertheless.

For Me To Remember: I gotta be more consistent. Dishes suck but need to be done. So, so many things need to be done…

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