Birthdays and schedules

Uri birthday

Shout out to my baby bro turning 21! All I can think of is how old I am though… he makes me realized my age instead of his. I’ll let him have this day though, we all know I’m the favorite child.

<sarcasm>And you know what I love to do? Write posts in the dead of night when no one else is up.</sarcasm> I’m finally making time to draw and blog, but it’s cutting into my sleep, so I’m predicting these posts will become more cranky and nonsensical. Yesssss.

And keeping up with the superhero trend, I’m working on Superman, but he’s not turning out the way I want it to. I’ll post it up hopefully tomorrow.

For Me To Remember: I’m the favorite, be nice to the non-favorites, stop making all the people I draw Asian.

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