Intermission! It was A-kon’s fault…

And I was doing so well with posting everyday! (for like 4 days…  -__-” ) Besides going to the convention, my internet has been down and I used up all my data on my phone. #notaboyscout

So this past weekend I got to take my younger brother to his first ever convention. A-kon 26 was such a crazy awesome time. I dressed up as Steven from Steven Universe, my favorite show, and taking as many pictures with other Steven Universe characters.

Me as Steven, photobombing my way across the con.

I bought the 3 day pass and had to wait in this ridiculously long line to get my badge. There was a line outside of this ballroom too.


And while I was waiting in line I started to notice things written on the tape that marked the lines…

This kinda made my day

There were other things written like, “save point” and “boss dungeon ahead” I can’t remember any of the other ones, but it helped pass the time in line. BTW huge shout out to the guy passing out fans in line, it was crazy hot in that room.

Oh, and if you’re active duty military, you get to skip the line. I respect and despise you at the same time…

After going through that right of passage, I went to webcomic panels to learn more of what I can do to up my game and learned a butt-ton! There were a ton of panels, but I ended up only going to a couple each day from sheer exhaustion.

One place I knew I had to check out was the Artist Alley. I was astounded by the awesome work that was displayed there. I even got to meet one of the artist I’m following on Instagram and bought some of her charms. My goal is to have a table at Artist Alley.

I got charms, a yellow power ranger belt, a super smash fight club shirt, blue contacts, and stickers. My younger brother paid for most of it…

For Me To Remember: Get my badge on Thursday to avoid line, there is always free parking somewhere, and I love Dallas you big nerd.

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